A ProFashional ERP to optimise all operations

A true fashion ERP for maximum support & cost-effectiveness

Looking for a total fashion solution which provides you with the best value for money? Our ERP is ideal for both wholesale and retail and it maximizes your operational efficiency. Our application supports the entire product lifecycle and all your operational processes while seamlessly integrating the accounting software of your choice.

Tailorfit Antwerpen Tailorfit Fashion ERP

The fashion ERP which supports your entire product lifecycle

Fashion is a unique business with very specific processes and requirements. Our ERP is tailor-made for both fashion retail and wholesale with a size bar incorporated into the core of the application. It supports the entire product lifecycle from collection creation to the last pieces being cleared off the shelves. Rest assured, knowing all operational processes associated with creation, production, sales reporting, invoicing (and more!) are covered.

Enhanced flexibility to meet all your needs

In need of a flexible application? Our ERP is available as a modular solution which can be expanded as needed and integrated with the accountancy package of your choice. Is your business more focused on fashion projects than seasonal collections? Go from project to profit with our unique Projects module. Finally, our ERP works together flawlessly with our Fashion Sales and Omnichannel Platform. Achieve maximum efficiency and profitability with our total fashion solution!

Tailorfit Antwerpen Omnichannel design

The ideal solution

From Creation to Consumer

Our omnichannel platform seamlessly coordinates our sales channels and fashion-specific ERP. The sum is greater than its parts. To reap maximum benefits, discover the other components that make up our total fashion solution for your business.

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