A fashion-forward omnichannel approach

The next best thing to a crystal ball to supercharge your sales & boost your business

Our clever 360° platform, born out of co-creation with two renowned fashion companies, harmonises all the inner workings of your fashion business in a beautiful symphony. Our platform is truly an omnichannel solution as it seamlessly connects all operational processes and sales channels in real time. Drive more sales and minimise risk through enhanced inventory management.

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The solution which connects all the dots

Do your business processes showcase the same cohesion as your collections? Our omnichannel layer is the invisible glue which ties together all your stock, delivery processes and sales channels into a single platform. Consult your collection at the click of a button, evaluate your sales strategy and swiftly switch gears to respond to changing conditions. The omnichannel platform doesn’t just orchestrate and optimise your internal processes. It also allows you to provide a stellar customer experience to further increase sales.

The sales enabler that allows you to earn back your investment in a minimum of time

Our 360° omnichannel platform goes far beyond cost efficiency. It’s a sales enabler with a very high return-on-investment. Enjoy unprecedented flexibility through a clear-cut overview of your inventory across all sales channels. Move your inventory items to the platforms where they perform best and improve the results of your sales teams.

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A fully integrated platform for maximum efficiency

All sales channels are supported, from physical stores to web shops and online retailers. Have you decided to expand your business and venture into social commerce? Not to worry, additional channels plug into the omnichannel layer without a hitch. Likewise, the omnichannel platform integrates seamlessly with your back-end systems.

General characteristics

The ideal solution

From Creation to Consumer

We specifically designed our omnichannel platform to work together flawlessly with our sales channels and fashion-specific ERP. The sum is greater than its parts. To reap maximum benefits, discover the other components that make up our total fashion solution for your business.

The core of our Fashion Sales solutions consists of a state-of-the-art digital cash register that streamlines sales on virtually any platform, complete with  [..]

An ERP application specifically developed for fashion professionals. Depending on your business needs, our ERP covers product creation, sales [..]