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POS software tailored to the fashion industry

A cloud-based Point of Sale solution specifically designed for fashion? Yes, we can! Our cash register software features a size chart and allows you to manage your collections according to the article, quality and colour as well as size. Easily enter garment modifications, incorporate your CRM and loyalty programme or customise store-specific promotions through the elaborate promotions module. The cash register is linked to the cloud and can be managed and updated over-the-air. You also have the option of employing the POS software as a kiosk or a self-checkout solution.

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An omnichannel experience to revolutionise your sales processes

Looking to have your fashion items flying off the shelves? Integrate your cash register into our omnichannel platform. This effective, underlying feature links all your sales channels and back-office processes. Manage the stock across various physical and virtual market places to track bestsellers, reduce missed sales opportunitiesv and maximise revenue. A 360° customer view enables your cashiers to spot upsell opportunities and provide recommendations.

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An efficiënt webshop to solidify your online sales strategy

Get the best bang for your buck with a fully integrated Shopify webshop. But that’s not all! Gain even more value by plugging your webshop into our omnichannel platform. Consult the inventory in real time and recall a fashion article, its attributes and price information. By fully integrating the webshop into our omnichannel layer, the entire sales cycle is taken care of, including picking, delivery and invoicing.

The ideal solution

From Creation to Consumer

Our omnichannel platform seamlessly coordinates our sales channels and fashion-specific ERP. The sum is greater than its parts. To reap maximum benefits, discover the other components that make up our total fashion solution for your business.

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An ERP application specifically developed for fashion professionals. Depending on your business needs, our ERP covers product creation, sales [..]