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Maximize Your Security: The Ultimate Tailorfit Security Software

Feel Safe and Protected with Our Innovative Technology

What are the basic software tools you need to prevent infiltration? On the one hand, you need a strong firewall. The purpose of a firewall is to shield your network so that nothing malicious can penetrate. Most routers come with a basic firewall but Tailorfit’s data warehouse is protected by a next generation firewall which serves to prevent cyber attacks and wards off intruders.

You’ll also need a virus scanner. Traditional   is reactive in that it’ll scan the files already present on your system. Tailorfit uses a more sophisticated, pro-active virus scanner. Before any incoming item is admitted, it verifies whether it’s sent by a trusted source and whether it has been infected with any of the spyware or viruses on its list. If that’s the case, it will immediately isolate the file in question.

“A door that’s only opened by a crack is still open.”

Last but certainly not least, another important advantage of this software is the ability to restore a previous version of your files. This is paramount in case an infection slips through the cracks and your systems do get compromised.

Your staff and Cyber security

“Many viruses infiltrate company systems through employee action”

Security starts on the inside. Sadly, a lot of malware infiltrates company systems through the devices of well-meaning employees. They may inadvertently open a suspicious e-mail on their company device. Or they may have installed a new app or game containing spyware on their smartphone. By plugging their personal device into the USB port of a company laptop, they could then unwittingly give hackers an access route to sensitive information.

It’s of the utmost importance to make sure your team is aware of the risks and trained to intercept suspicious activity. We’ve included some top tips to create a culture of awareness and quickly level up your cyber security:

Top tips to level up your data security

We have your best interests at heart!

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Know the difference?


An umbrella term for any piece of software code created with malicious intent in order to infiltrate and disrupt, damage or take advantage of an organization’s data and processes.


A piece of software designed to harm an organization or individual by extracting information and forwarding it to another entity.

Computer virus

A virus is a piece of code typically capable of replicating by itself. It’s activated when a user opens the infected file or application and almost always corrupts, changes or disables files.

Various others...

A malicious string of code has wormed its way into your network and hackers have gained access to your company’s confidential information. What should you do?

Firstly, it’s important to prevent further infection of your company systems by identifying and isolating the device that allowed the infected item to pass through your defences. Next, you need to review which other systems may be impacted and isolate those too. Verify whether any data has been compromised.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to confer with a security specialist to establish the overall impact of the hack as well as decide on the best approach to recover your data and restore your network. Depending on the damage that’s been done and whether you have backed up your data regularly, this could either be a straightforward or a very tricky and costly process.

Better safe than sorry

In short, we strongly advise you to invest in a good security system and keep your staff aware and informed in order to safeguard your company data. They are, after all, your best defense. If you’re unfortunate enough to be a victim of a cyber-attack, the consequences could be more far-reaching and costly than expected.

Want to protect your company data from cyber threats?

At Tailorfit, we provide extra services to ensure you’ll benefit from the highest level of security.

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