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Creamoda: Omnichannel in practice

Creamoda gladly invited her members to the seminar ‘Omnichannel in practice’, that took place on May 24th and was organized by our associated member Tailorfit. Marketing guru, professor Gino Van Ossel of the Vlerick Business School made a thorough analysis of the evolution of our commercial world, which is constantly changing. It all started with mono channel, which was quickly succeeded by multi channel, cross channel and eventually omni channel.

How do we avoid world players like Amazon, Zalando or Alibaba, as well as Dutch companies like and Coolblue getting too much of the commercial traffic?
Which other companies have expertly observed new trends (e.g. De Bijenkorf in the Netherlands and John Lewis in the UK)? How is the share of e-commerce in total sales evolving? It rose from 13,8% in 2016 to 25% in 2020. That’s almost a doubling in 4 years time.

It became a fascinating series of testimonies on what Gino Van Ossel is witnessing on the market today. Afterwards, the guests got to view a presentation of State of Art, by CEO Martijn Mateman. Afterwards, Gino Van Ossel debated with Mimi Lamote, CEO of Mayerline. These two interesting company cases were sure to inspire the attendants!


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