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Organize your store visits with ‘Shopping by appointment’

Shopping by Appointment is an online tool that allows your customers to book a time slot to shop in one of your stores. As a company, you determine how many customers are allowed to visit the store per time-slot, in proportion to the number of m² and salespeople that you have available per store.

In addition, Shopping by Appointment is a multi-store solution that enables you to put all your stores and the different time-slots per store on the platform in no time.

What’s in it for you?

  • Plan your days and hours as efficiently as possible with this user-friendly tool
  • In just 4 clicks, any existing or new customer has access to an appointment in (one of) your stores
  • A less time-consuming tool: live within 24 hours. We only need your logo and address list with opening hours of your store(s)
  • The platform is online in no time with maximum flexibility
  • The ability to proactively approach customers with a safe store visit proposal
  • A hands-on data overview that gives you the right insights, such as which stores are doing well and where fewer appointments are generated

We believe this initiative can help you give your customers the best shopping experience and receive them in a more thoughtful and safe way. Not only now, when the need is greatest, but also after this crisis.

Are you ready to receive your customers by appointment?

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