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The magic link to boost your sales & revolutionise your business

Why you should connect your webshop to the Tailorfit ERP

Many companies in the fashion business still rely quite heavily on outdated and manual processes which run independently from one another. By investing in smart software which automates your workflow and updates your stock in real time, you’ll synchronise your operations, maximise your sales and run a more successful business. All you need to do is connect your webshop to the Tailorfit ERP.

Intrigued to learn how this solution will benefit your business? Read on to find out how this link will revolutionise your operations and what we’ll do to make the magic happen.

The vital link to reduce workload, manage your stock & maximise sales

One of Tailorfit’s greatest assets is the ability to connect your e-commerce platform to our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. Instead of having to manually execute actions in 2 or 3 different systems, the link allows you reduce your workload by uploading all the information regarding your collection – like images and item descriptions – to a single platform.

If you want certain item descriptions or other information to be visible only in one sales channel, you can easily customise this in the ERP. The data will then flow automatically to all your points of sale and other B2B platforms you may be using.

Additionally, through this link you’ll gather all your orders from your brick ‘n mortar stores and online sales channels in a single place. This simplifies the process of managing and preparing your orders for shipping, ultimately enabling you to provide a more efficient and responsive service for your customers.

The benefits for your business

Another important advantage of linking your e-commerce platform to the Tailorfit ERP, is that the link ensures your stock is updated in real time. No need to work with a separate stock per sales channel! Whatever the point of purchase, your stock will be visible and up to date for everyone at all times, guaranteeing happy customers and allowing you to shift your inventory to the platforms where it performs best.

Finally, you’ll also gain a 360 view on consumer behaviour and discover who is buying which pieces at what time. By analysing previous purchasing patterns, you’ll be able to anticipate the actions your customers are considering. This allows you to pinpoint decisive moments at which you can proactively reach out to your target group and give them that final nudge down the path to purchase.

All these benefits combined serve to maximise your sales and therefore boost your business.

How do we work our magic?

So how intricate is the process behind the scenes?

1. Loading your collections

You’ll upload all your items in the Tailorfit ERP and select which pieces will be sold via the webshop. Once daily, we’ll forward them to your platform.

2. Setting up your webshop

Once the products have been uploaded, you’re ready to manage your collections and set up your webshop.

3. Loading & managing your stock

Next, we’ll load and update the inventory. By default, we’ll do this every 10 minutes, meaning that you’ll achieve a near real-time overview of your stock. However, the timing can be configured according to your preference.

4. Managing & processing purchase orders

We’ll monitor our platform every 10 minutes for new orders and register the sale as well as the generated revenue. Consequently, we’ll create a packing slip so that you’ll be able to swiftly process and prepare the order for shipping. The inventory will also be updated.

Wondering how long it’ll take for the magic to manifest?

How long it takes to establish the link depends on a number of factors, such as the current configuration of your webshop if you already have one installed. For example, if your webshop features special elements, like specific tags to organise your collection, we’ll need a little more time to ensure the specific tags flow through the link together with their items. On average, it takes a week to connect your platform with our ERP. However, in straightforward cases, we could have you sorted in a day!

Ready to conjure up some magic to maximise your sales and optimise your business?

They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and find out how we can help you.

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