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What is a product information management system (PIM) ?

PIM, or Product Information Management, refers to a system that allows you to centrally manage your product data.

In practical terms, this means that a PIM ensures:

  • The collection of fundamental data, marketing data and sales data of your products (such as description, price, user, promotions, …)
  • The grouping and enrichment of this data
  • Making the data available to web shops, websites, e-catalogs, marketplaces, product catalogs and brochures

A PIM module is the obvious means to quickly and unambiguously provide all articles across all channels with the correct information. It also allows you to efficiently try out promotions and adapt.

Integrate your PIM module with your ERP system

A PIM system ensures consolidation, synchronization and centralization of your product information. This implies the need to integrate your PIM with your ERP since a full ERP already contains most, the most important and the most subject to change product information.
Integrating your PIM with this “Single Source of Truth” is crucial to improve the quality and consistency of your product information. It allows you to efficiently, flexibly and consistently manage your entire collection or assortment on all online and offline channels you wish to use.

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