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In 5 steps to a higher customer value

Your customers are invaluable, they ensure the success of your business. Of course you want your customer to buy more and for your customers to come back after a purchase. You want to increase the value of that customer, as it were: you can do that with these 5 tips!

1. Integrated inventory management, reporting and customer information

Save a lot of time and work by managing your store and webshop from one central place.

  • Keep the store open 24/7
  • One brand experience in every area
  • Log in and work in one place
  • Central stock management
  • Customer recognition on all channels thanks to customer profiles
  • Ease of use for your customers

2. Reach your customers at the right time

In addition to an unambiguous view of your stock and customer portfolio, you can respond to the customer journey of your customers with a good omnichannel strategy . This allows you to reach your customers via different touchpoints or contact moments.

Thanks to the fully integrated approach, you can reach your customers in more places than before. These touchpoints offer you additional opportunities to provide a better service or to create a fun customer experience. You can achieve this through personal conversations, messages or chatbots. In addition, it is recommended that you continue your promotion and loyalty program online, so that your customers can also enjoy these benefits here.

By aligning online sales and inventories, it becomes possible to grow your results. This allows you to better allocate your marketing budgets to achieve the optimal ROI. Optimizing and automating these processes contributes to the success of your company.

3. More reach within your target group

Make it easy for customers to find your store(s) and discover your products.

  • Increase the influx of new customers
  • Optimize your marketing budget
  • Use your customers’ purchase history to target their products

That’s why it’s best to ensure that your central system performs well so that you can continue to put your customers first. With our retail module you can build an omnichannel strategy that allows you to sell, send and return all products, anytime and anywhere.

4. Improve the customer experience

An omnichannel Point-Of-Sale system improves the experience process for the customer and for the retailer. Because all data is stored centrally, your customer and their orders are known everywhere, both offline and online. Returning or exchanging orders is therefore easily possible in the store. This is not only much easier for your customers but also results in additional sales in more than 50% of the cases .

By extending loyalty programs across all sales channels, you get to know your customers better and you can better tailor the shopping experience both online and offline to his/her personal profile.

5. Increase value per customer

True omnichannel customers have a 30% higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

  • Make products available 24/7 by selling online
  • Let customers shop the way they prefer
  • Offer customers different delivery options (home delivery or in-store pick-up)
  • Increase the number of new customers and sell more to existing customers

Make your customer buy more

Upselling and cross-selling, but also downselling are important in a webshop . For example, does a customer leave an empty shopping cart? Then send an e-mail with some related products that are also of interest. If your customer has just placed an item in the shopping cart, offer that customer an extra sale at checkout with one tick: ‘Yes, I also want to order PRODUCT X for only … euro.’ When the product is related to items already purchased and when it is on promotion, you have the best chance of extra sales.

Do you want to increase the customer value of your customers?

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