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The central support of ‘Dame Blanche’

Dame Blanche is a fresh, innovative fashion brand from Antwerp. It focuses on women, local production and raw materials. To automate their business processes, they opted for the Tailorfit core solution with the backend sales module in May 2019 to keep track of their orders. What do they think of our application and what has it done for them?

What are the main benefits of the Tailorfit application?

  • Time savings and efficiency : thanks to the automation of business processes, Tailorfit streamlines a lot of work
  • Clear overview of orders : quick and accurate follow-up of bestsellers and items that are not doing so well. This way Dame Blanche can intervene where necessary
  • Ease of use : the application is accessible to employees


“Our agents can easily enter orders in the Tailorfit backend sales module.”


The full picture was decisive

The Tailorfit core solution offers the perfect support for essential processes that are specific to a fashion company.

Dame Blanche has three users working with Tailorfit on the backend. In addition, their agents work with the sales module. The program is not too complicated, so they got used to it pretty quickly and it is easy for every user to use.

Dame Blanche uses the Tailorfit application as her central program from which all processes are initiated and controlled.

What has Dame Blanche achieved with the Tailorfit application?

In a year and a half, Dame Blanche has:

  • Much faster insights into what sells and what doesn’t;
  • A good overview of what has been sold per manufacturer. This promotes interaction between Dame Blanche and its suppliers. This way the manufacturers know in advance which capacity they have to block, which speeds up the production process for Dame Blanche.


“The cooperation with Tailorfit is going well, we are listened to and any problems are solved quickly.”


Are you also looking for a tailor-made Tailorfit solution?

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