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What’s all the fuss about data security & why should you care?

Did you know that depending on the level of security, it could take hackers months or mere seconds to infiltrate your company network? Online attacks on commercial enterprises in the form of data hacking, infiltration of company systems and cyber locking regularly hit the news. But is this really something that can impact your business?

The short answer is Yes! As much as we would like to believe that this simply won’t happen to us – or that minimal security will do the trick – quite the opposite is true. In this article we’ll discuss what a solid security system looks like and why it’s especially crucial to encourage security best practices among your employees to keep your company data safe.

Why is securing your company data so important?

Nowadays, many aspects of our lives are taking place in the virtual world. Businesses have embraced online commerce as a golden opportunity to reach their customers via new touchpoints. However, the internet has not just handed us new prospects. It has also presented us with a wide range of unique challenges.

The internet is widely accessible and so is your company data when you use a virtual connection to conduct business. It’s therefore essential to protect your data and processes. Additionally, if your network has been compromised, the cost to restore your systems and company information will be much higher than the cost would have been to raise awareness and invest in an effective security system in the first place.

“It can take hackers months or mere minutes to infiltrate your company network”

Hackers could keep your data ‘ransom’, requesting a payment in order to release your information. They could also be monitoring your business operations, making changes to their benefit or leaking data. An inability to fend off hackers and even potentially expose customer information could negatively impact your company reputation. In any case, a breach could take a very long time to come to light and in that time, the damage done by hackers could be considerable.

What can you do to secure your systems?

Most routers come with basic protection but this will not deter a determined hacker for long. After all, a door that’s only opened by a crack is still open! In order to keep sensitive company data safe, the key is to invest in a solid system that will make it as difficult as possible for hackers to gain access.

But most importantly, keeping your employees aware and informed is critical to build a much-needed, additional layer of protection. Did you know that the human factor is the first line of defence when it comes to safeguarding your company data? Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility as the best prevention occurs between the seat and the screen.

“Did you know that your own employees are the most important line of defence?”

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